This was the actor Patrick Swayse. The ghastly deterioration in his looks was caused by just one year of chemotherapy. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March 2008.  The chemotherapy failed as usual, and he died in September 2009. GcMAF has almost 100% success with pancreatic cancer, with no side effects, but this was, as always, concealed from him.

The chemo lobby is possibly the most powerful in the world. They’ve changed the laws in most western countries so that only their product, the poison of chemotherapy, is allowed to be prescribed by doctors. And good, life saving treatments for cancer, of which there are many, are concealed from patients, who are pressured into chemo, usually with ghastly results.

The side effects of chemo can be horrific – your organs may pack up, you may lose the sight of one or both eyes, you get “chemo brain” where your brain is often permanently damaged and you can’t function, you may become unable to walk; losing all your hair is irrelevant by comparison.

Here is a hand with tissue necrosis caused by chemotherapy. The chemo is literally leaking out the back of the hand.chemobreakingthroughhand

Many of these side effects are permanent.

People believe their doctors, who drive them in to the poison of chemo. But in a 7 year training, doctors get just 4 hours on nutrition. And as Hippocrates said, Food is your medicine.  Most doctors are wholly unqualified to treat disease. See “Know cancer can be cured” on this website to see what food can do.

Some believe they were cured by chemo. If chemo cured them, just the paleo diet would have done a far better job, and without side effects.

According to the Journal of Clinical Oncology, who reviewed 15,000 cancer cases, chemo fails 97.7% of the time.

The important thing is to educate cancer patients to make their own choices, and ignore the NHS, the MHRA, their doctors, and NICE, who are simply drug pushers for the big pharmaceutical companies, who make billions in profits as a result.

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