Fastest Weight Loss Treatment

4 pints water a day

No carbs or sugar AT ALL.

No beer, lager or booze.

A max of 1/2 bottle of red wine a day if it doesn’t destroy your determination.

Eat salads and vegetables, very little protein, eggs, fish, chicken, don’t overeat – even that is calories.

No eating after 5pm.

Exercise 30 minutes in the gym every other day

2 tablespoonfuls coconut oil a day in the morning

Apple cider vinegar – 2 tablespoons a day

Magnesium 500 mg/day

Bicarb of soda – a teaspoon a day

Nuga beds, twice a day max, 37 minutes each, 6 sessions = 1” off waist.

Avoid poisonous oils like vegetable and canola.

Take coconut, olive, flaxseed, linseed, hemp oils, beef dripping, butter.

Weigh yourself at about 8am, nude, and record it in your diary.

Rife machines – the right frequencies are not known, avoid.