Cancer has been the scourge of modern civilization since our grandparents were alive.  Today, in Britain, the 1939 Cancer Act still applies.  This Act makes it illegal to discuss the possibility of cancer being cured, which is why 160,000 people die unnecessarily each and every year in the United Kingdom. Barbaric treatments – cut, burn, and poison – prevail in our hospitals despite their abysmal success rates. The death rate climbs.

This is unacceptable when we have the means to cure cancer right now.

GcMAF is a human protein that all healthy people make, with 21 excellent effects in the body. It has no side effects, and is one of the safest treatments available. ?One hundred-eighty scientists from 8 nations have written research papers on GcMAF, so it is a well-understood molecule, which exists inside each of us in billionths of a gram. Some of those research papers, all peer reviewed and published in the World’s most prestigious scientific journals, report the extraordinary successes it has had with cancer, autism, and other diseases. It seems to work where other treatments fail.

Our UK Regulator – the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) – is a public institution, supposedly charged and entrusted to protect our health and inform us of and even promote life-saving treatments such as GcMAF. Yet, it has launched upon a campaign to persecute and put out of business any and all who sell GcMAF, which has been curing thousands of persons of cancer.

Please support our campaign to disband and replace the MHRA by submitting your details below:


I protest this abuse of the public trust and ask those who oversee the MHRA to conduct a thorough investigation of the MHRA’s practices, punish all those who have abused their public trust by ignoring the science as well as those who have simply promoted the commercial interests of pharmaceutical companies seeking to suppress their competition.

I, the undersigned, ask that the MHRA be disbanded and replaced with an institution truly devoted to safeguarding public health, without conflicts of interest, and subject to the public.

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