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"Nature" by usamedeniz

The King of the World is about to Reclaim His Throne

On Science, the Religion Of. Or, “The King of the World is about to Reclaim His Throne.” by Liam Scheff I begin by saying that I have no remedy for you, reader. I cannot tell you how to unspool it. Or, I could, but you’d fight forever, and by the time you either capitulated to…

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"Past, Present, Future Dice Showing Forecasts" by Stuart Miles

The Future is Yesterday

Reproduced with permission of Liam Scheff: The problem of modernity – the calamitous noise we have surrounded ourselves with, the thumping of tires on air and pistons in their sheaths, the whirring of fans and pumps in the interior of our walls, the corroded arteries of hollow steel that define the circulatory system of our…

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"Healthy Breakfast Meal" by rakratchada torsap

Diet – Think Complexly – Five Ways

Reproduced with permission of Liam Scheff: I’m researching and talking about diet and nutrition this week (something I haven’t done publicly much, because I don’t worry very much about what other people eat). But, when the Sally Fallon group and Primal rage diet folks began attacking “deadly” soy and “poisonous” grains, I had to chime…

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"Virus" by renjith krishnan

The AIDS Investigation

Reproduced with permission of Liam Scheff: The AIDS investigation is expanded in Chapters 5 and 6 of “Official Stories” The related Vaccination investigation is expanded in Chapter 5 of “Official Stories” Question: Is the AIDS industry honest? Ask yourself if you have ever heard this, or anything like this before: “We can be exposed to…

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Food, Politics and Personality

Reproduced with permission of Liam Scheff: It is a personal belief of mine, borne out in continual observation, that what we eat changes the frequency of the vibrations which we tune into. We are not only what we eat – but the cells we build reflect the origin of the food; we ‘tune’ the universe…

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