by Rich Murray (

by Woodrow C. Monte PhD, RD Professor Emeritus of Food Science and Nutrition, Arizona State University

“Life saving facts — the life work of an earnest, careful, caring, bold expert”
by Mr. Richard T. Murray

This work is the culmination of a professional lifetime dedicated to elucidating the key biochemical details of methanol (formaldehyde)toxicity, starting with a comprehensive warning review in 1984, with 62 references, by the earnest, careful, bold Woodrow “Woody” C. Monte, retired Prof. of Nutrition, Arizona State University.

He has been sharing his research with me since 1999, including parts of this masterpiece, as it evolved during the last three years.

Aspartame is indeed 11% methanol (wood alcohol), which the human body quickly turns into formaldehyde via the ADH enzyme, concentrated in many tissues: liver, kidney, brain, retina, skin, muscle, lung, prostate, breast, womb, fetus — forming cumulative micro lesions, binding to and disabling DNA, RNA, and proteins, and so causing a wide variety of symptoms.

Other methanol (formaldehyde) sources include wood and tobacco smoke, dark wines and liquors, fruits and vegetables heated in sealed metal and glass containers, and aspartame, as well as a variety of products ranging from medicines to new carpet, drapes, and furniture to mobile homes.

People vary enormously in individual vulnerability.

On his website, where you can download for free his 1984 and 2010 reviews, and the final chapter 12 re birth defects and autism type diseases.

1. Monte WC. Aspartame; Methanol and the Public Health. Journal of Applied Nutrition 1984;36(1):42-58. 16 pages

586. Monte W. Methanol: A chemical Trojan horse as the root of the inscrutable U. Med Hypotheses 2010;74(3):493-6. 4 pages.

Download free Chapter 12 of the book “While Science Sleeps”, re methanol, formaldehyde, birth defects, autism type diseases, with 100 mainstream full text research paper references — 25 pages.

Then, search Google for other research and news:

Amid health fears, Diet Coke sweetener [aspartame] in safety spotlight, Sean Poulter, UK Daily Mail 2011.05.27, 141 comments: Rich Murray 2011.05.30

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