by Beth Bryant
NHF Wales member

As part of a personal investigation on adding fluoride to water supplies (fluoridation) I conducted this interview with Scott Tips, president of the NHF. By publishing this interview I hope this will give an insight into the dangers on using fluoride in your dental care and water supplies.

Date of interview: 28th November 2011
BETH: What, to you, is the most worrying fact about fluoride that people may not know when putting it in their bodies?

SCOTT: That fluoride not only harms their physical health but their mental health as well. In certain sub-populations that are especially susceptible to fluoride’s effects, fluoride can make those people more docile. It blunts their ambitions and drive.
BETH: Why do you think Dentists promote the use of fluoride?

SCOTT: It’s their training. They were educated in schools that taught the conventional – but very wrong – belief that fluoride will strengthen one’s teeth. This is reinforced once those students graduate from dental school and become dentists by both peer pressure and by corporate interests that continue to market and sell fluoride-based dental products such as toothpastes and mouth rinses.
The inertia of continuing with what they “know” is extremely easy, and it is very difficult to swim against the tide of conventional thinking even though we now know that there are far better and safer ways of strengthening teeth such as taking supplements like magnesium citrate, boron, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin K. Most U.K. diets are more than adequate in calcium so no need to supplement with calcium.
BETH: What effects could the fluoridation of water have on communities and future generations?

SCOTT: It will weaken our overall health and that of our children. Fluoride is an acknowledged toxin and contaminant, but couple it with all of the other toxins and contaminants that we are exposed to in our environment such as pesticides, herbicides, plasticizers, endocrine disrupters, petroleum by-products, xenoestrogens, etc. and the deleterious effects of fluoride are *multiplied*! We already have a major problem with fertility. With each successive generation exposed to these kinds of toxins, that kind of fertility problem will increase. Eventually, there might not even be any future generations if we keep medicating ourselves so unwisely as this!
BETH: Do you know what a persons average daily intake of
fluoride is in the UK and Ireland and is this dangerous?

SCOTT: Yes, it is very dangerous and negatively impacts
consumers’ health (see above). In the UK the mean daily fluoride intake, when including tea but excluding water, amounts to 1.2 mg/day for the adult population. A new UK Fluoridation Study (2011) showed that fluoride intake exceeds the recommended safe maximum in nearly two thirds of consumers receiving Fluoridated Water (0.8ppm). The recently published paper on fluoride consumption is by Dr. Mansfield, MA, MB, Bchir, FRSA, a retired medical practitioner.
BETH: Excluding dental care, are there any other products that
contain fluoride and what is your advice on avoiding them?

SCOTT:Most food products that are made with fluoridated water will contain elevated levels of fluoride. This would of course include beverages made with such water.
BETH: How do you feel about governments fluoridating their waters without a public vote?

SCOTT: A more appropriate question might be: How would I feel about governments fluoridating water even with a majority vote? I wouldn’t like it at all – with or without a vote. No government has the right to medicate me without my own personal, informed consent! The fact that a majority vote has been held does not add even one iota of legitimacy to the act . . .I am still entitled to opt out and you simply cannot opt out from public fluoridated water without a lot of cost and trouble. With or without a vote, the government has no right to mass medicate society with any drug.
BETH: Do you have anything we haven’t covered that you would like to add about fluoride?

SCOTT:Yes, unlike in North America, the soils of the British Isles are very selenium deficient. Yet, fluoride displaces selenium in the body! So, anyone trying to get adequate selenium intake from eating any kind of British diet, while drinking fluoridated water, is asking for trouble. Selenium is a strong antioxidant, with proven cancer-fighting and anti-viral properties and benefits. To deplete our bodies of this scarce and very necessary nutrient through mass dosage of the populace with fluoridated water is a double insult to our health!



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