In the Calendar below we are adding the Codex Alimentarius Committee meetings that our president, Scott, is attending. We will send an update/report of these meetings to our subscribers and members by email and update the Latest News section of this website.

We have also listed the meetings that the NHF cannot attend due to lack of funds. If you click on each meeting it will show you more information about it and whether the NHF will be able to attend or not.

You will see there are many important meetings that we are unable to attend. Our fundraising and membership fees will help to raise money for the NHF to be present at more Codex meetings so we can make even more of a difference on a global and national level by being present to speak out for you. Without the NHF present, a voice for health freedom with public interests at heart will not be heard leaving only the bureaucrats to make the decisions that is mainly based upon junk or fraudulent science and favours huge corporate interests.

Also listed are various meetings and other events that may be of interest, please click on each event for further information. Most are public and all interested people are welcome.

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