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“What cannot be cured with medicines can be cured with surgery. What cannot be cured with surgery can be cured with hyperthermia.”  Hippocrates.

Frequency and hyperthermia devices are finally becoming better known since (in the UK) Chelsea and West Ham football clubs started using them to drastically reduce recovery times after injury. Another benefit was the substantial or entire reduction of pain. Have you ever wondered why sportsmen like David Beckham recover so quickly from injuries? Beckham started using hyperthermia  when he played with Real Madrid in the 1990s.

A great example of this equipment is the Tesla Pro, a highly advanced RF hyperthemia device which uses electrodes to raise the temperature of the part of the body being treated; this creates a localised fever which pathogens find impossible to survive within. Frequencies are regularly used in heating. One example would be microwave ovens, although these are commonly thought to be detrimental to human health. The Tesla Pro uses safe frequencies found in the medium wave radio band. Hyperthermia changes excess free radicals back into normal cells and by creating the localised artificial fever it encourages the destruction of viruses and bacteria. Earlier devices using this principle were used in hospitals throughout the world. They were known as Diathermy devices, however they were removed when profitable patented antibiotics became the norm.

Frequencies can destroy cancer cells in a manner comparable to an opera singer using frequency to crack a glass; German and Spanish hospitals use them regularly in the Oncology departments. Other frequencies destroy pathogens, parasites and viruses, bacterial and fungal infections, provide relief from chronic pain, stimulate bone healing among many other things.  Interestingly, a cat’s purr frequency has been found to speed up healing of bones.

Because this type of device rejuvenates cells it allows them to function at their optimum capacity, facilitating rapid healing. It can therefore treat virtually any condition imaginable, with consistent historic success. Treatment can be done with or without the assistance of another (depending on the location of the condition within the body) and is painless and relatively effortless. It does not damage healthy cells in any way and causes no unpleasant side effects. Results using this machine are regularly documented as nothing less than profound and having personally experienced a treatment on this machine, I can vouch for it’s innovative and surprising capabilities. Commonly the Tesla devices are used within the beauty industry to combat issues such as excess fat, wrinkles, varicose veins, stretch marks, scars and hair loss. But the scope goes way beyond this.

Further, Doctors have also used hyperthermia equipment alongside chemotherapy and radiation treatments. In the following video, you will find that the Doctors in question admit that the hyperthermia treatment works better alone. Equipment ranges vary, providing more or less the same functionality, but some are easier to use than others and do not require the assistance of Doctors. The below video gives an outline of how hyperthermia treatment can tackle serious diseases such as cancer:

Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment:

Another good example of success with hyperthermia is the Valley Cancer Institute in California, who are producing outstanding results with it.  They undertake the treatments in conjunction with radiation, arguably because this means they are allowed to operate. Unsurprisingly, all recorded official successes with hyperthermia have been done with chemotherapy and radiation; it’s not difficult to guess why this is. Further information can be found here:

The Tesla Pro machine use within the UK alone is really starting to take off, after many patients have significant success at restoring their health using the machine alone. When combined with good quality health supplements the improvement is shown to be accelerated further. Other operators of the device are convinced that the equipment does not need to be used in conjunction with any allopathic treatments. One such operator in the UK, The Solutions Clinic, think that liver cancer is the most easy cancer to treat using the Tesla Pro. With this new technology one only has to set the temperature to forty-three degrees celcius and apply to the area for forty-five minutes. In this way, people have not only survived liver cancer but obtained a state of health they had not had since their twenties.

And so it has never been more evident that there are alternative, safer methods available to treat historically ‘incurable’ diseases. Equipment is available to purchase or lease, and individual sessions with a trained operator can be booked. Please take a look through the below links and learn about the life saving treatment that many doctors and medical professionals now believe is the best treatment available.


Hyperthermia Treatment Helps Eliminate Bladder Cancer

Hyperthermia Treatment of Skin Cancer Tumor

A clinic in Mexico using hyperthermia as a primary treatment:

A Doctor in Germany has outstanding results

Dr Hennie, an open minded doctor who uses the same techniques:

Wikipedia  (Note that there are much more simple techniques available than those shown here)




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[…] Technological Medicine – Frequency and Hyperthermia devices for improved health […]

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