Vaccine season is certainly now upon us. We have seen many distasteful “advert” banners outside doctor’s surgeries stating “ROLL UP ROLL UP FOR YOUR FLU JAB” – like it’s some sort of circus – but then maybe this should tell us that we shouldn’t be taking the advertising and scare mongering seriously! But sadly it really IS a serious issue, especially to those who have been harmed by the vaccine.

Most vaccines contain the poison of mercury. Flu vaccines depress the immune system, and in some cases patients react so badly it is life threatening, and they have to be hospitalised. A case of the NHS doing more harm than good.

The vaccination campaigns are all based upon a fallacy that appeals to our emotions and the emotion they use is fear. When we are afraid, especially for our health and the health of our children, we will do anything to help ourselves, but in truth this is just making us more vulnerable to misinformation.

You can see by the NHS poster opposite how much they use fear to promote the jabs. Fear is induced not only by the exaggerated and inaccurate imagery, but also stating that we do not know all the facts about flu, making us think there is a lot more to it and scaring us into the jab. But what they don’t do is state the fact that we do not know all the facts about the jab EITHER!
Please see our Vaccine Propaganda Exposed & Analysed article which goes into more depth regarding how they are scaring up into putting our own health at risk.

What makes things worse is we trust what our GPs tell us, and they generally tell us there is nothing to worry about, but the fact is they are given increasingly large bonuses for the number of patients they vaccinate. As many surgeries/doctors come to rely on these bonuses their advice inevitably may become more profit-related that health-related.

While we are preparing a UK specific article and campaign about vaccines, please visit the extensive vaccine information section on website:-

Here is an excellent article entitled “Seasonal Flu Vaccines, Are They Safe or Necessary?”

Another article by the Sovereign Independent entitled “Conclusive link now admitted: Swine Flu Vaccine causes Chronic Nervous System Disorders”
We are currently working on a downloadable flyer with warnings on for the “HPV Vaccine: What you should know before you let your children be vaccinated”, and also the Flu Jab.

Vaccines cause autism

Dr Andrew Wakefield was struck of as a doctor by the GMC, the General Medical Council, for his research paper in which he suggested Vaccines may cause autism.

Hundreds of thousands of children worldwide have contracted autism within two weeks of receiving the MMR jab, Measles, Mumps and Rubella.

The jab contains Thiomersal, ie, the poison of mercury. If that isn’t enough, it also contains viruses. It produces nagalase, an enzyme that takes down your own GcMAF, and that collapses the immune system.

About 1 in 40 children who are given MMR get autism.  The MMR vaccine should be banned.

In the meantime please feel free to leave comments regarding anything to do with vaccines such as queries or concerns you may have, report vaccine effects you or your family has suffered, or comments on how the health authorities are trying to get us to vaccinate ourselves and our children.







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