by Danielle Bryant BSYA (N.Th.)

We hope to write further on the Dangers of Vaccines shortly.

1. Vaccines have many serious side effects such as paralysis, brain damage, infertility, they can even kill. Our Government has a scheme to pay off people damaged caused by vaccines. In addition, the risks can be greatly multiplied if given to someone who is unwell or has a medical condition (that may not even be known) at the time.

2. Vaccine contain toxic ingredients:

Formaldehyde: an extremely toxic substance that is known to cause cancer and attack the brain
Mercury (Thiomersal – US spelling Thimerasol): Mercury is one of the most toxic substances known to man. According to the World Health Organisation there is no safe level for mercury in the human body.
Aborted foetal cells: human or animal cells are used to grow the live virus on.
Aluminum: extremely toxic and known to cause cancer and be directly linked to Alzheimer’s Disease.
Monosodium Glutamate (MSG): toxic preservative used as a stabilizer in vaccines (and also found in many foods).

3. Many vaccines are inadequately tested, if at all (usually just the ingredients are tested but not once put together in a vaccine), and many have proved to cause sterility and cancer, although these findings are kept from the public.

4. Many vaccination programmes involve giving multiple vaccines at one time which are rarely tested alongside with each other creating further unknown risks.

5. Vaccines are a very profitable business:

Pharmaceutical corporations make a lot of money from vaccine programmes, this is a multi-billion dollar industry for them.
Doctors receive large bonuses to vaccinate us and our children, making them mere sales reps for the pharmaceutical companies.

6. Many diseases were already extinct or dying out BEFORE the vaccine was introduced. In addition many vaccines are now created for minor illnesses such as flu and measles, the vaccine side effects greatly outweigh the actual effects of the disease. The only reason we think otherwise is down to fear-mongering advertising campaigns that concentrate on rare, extreme cases.

7. Vaccine don’t work! 20% – 50% of people who are vaccinated don’t get a resistance to the disease against which they have been immunised.

8. Vaccines actually REDUCE our immunity defences as they interfere with our natural immune systems.

9. As the number of children being vaccinated increases, so does the number of children diagnosed with Autism. This is true in the UK and all countries where children are vaccinated. Drug companies applied for an injunction to stop research to establish a link between vaccination and autism.

10. The ‘Cervical Cancer’ vaccine (HPV) is very dangerous and calling by this name is very misleading. In tests, every lab rat became sterile from one of the ingredients (polyscorbate 80). It has caused many deaths and serious side effects since its introduction only a few years ago.

What to do if your Doctor wants to vaccinate:

1. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS – it is NOT compulsory to have vaccinations, despite much correspondence from GPs and schools that give the impression otherwise. If you wish you may even write a letter to your child’s school informing them that you forbid your child to receive a vaccination.

2. SEEK THE FACTS – look at other sources of information and if you are not happy or have any concerns it is best not to do it. Once these ingredients get into the bloodstream there is no going back.

3. DON’T BE BULLIED – do not let your GP or Health Visitor make you feel that you are a bad parent for not vaccinating (this can be common practice, not maliciously but simply as they may just believe it is right to vaccinate through the biased information they receive in their profession). It is also common for family members or friends to try to persuade you otherwise if they do not realise the facts. It is YOU that must be happy – listen to your heart and stick to your decision!

4. LOOK CRITICALLY AND LOGICALLY AT VACCINE ADVERTISING – don’t be fooled by the propaganda and fear-mongering. Just think – it was not long ago that we built up our child’s immunity by going to visit friends with childhood illnesses so they would catch them young and become immune naturally! The elderly people receiving the flu jab is very worrying as their natural defences are being attacked further every year. They almost always get flu symptoms from the vaccine (if they are lucky enough not to have a more serious reaction), but they may not get flu if they don’t have the vaccine, so there is a greater risk of being ill with the vaccine than without. We often hear people say since they have been having the flu jab they have not caught flu – just ask them if they get flu BEFORE having the vaccine every year? Our guess is the answer will probably be no!


Vaccine Factsheet – A5 (double sided)

Vaccine Factsheet – A4 (single sided)

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