There are so many health freedom organizations, many of whom genuinely have good intentions, if we all had unlimited time and resources, we would surely want to help them all!

Its never a clean-cut issue though and there are a few things you may wish to consider when weighing up which organizations or charities you want to support.

  • Are they genuine?
This is probably the first and foremost question to consider. There is no point in supporting an organization that has ulterior motives.
There are many organizations that have dubious origins or that are basically government agencies or quangos are just there for red tape purposes and bureaucracy.
Also, and sometimes less obvious are the ‘captured’ agencies who are infiltrated by interests by the very industry that they were established to regulate. They may well start off genuine, but as they become infiltrated, their effectiveness diminishes. This is also true of politics and is replicated in other aspects of life as well.
The problem with the above is that not only do very little, they frequently spread misinformation and undermine the positive efforts as well as drawing resources away from genuine organizations.
  • Are they effective?
Even if an organization is genuine, what can they actually achieve? Even individuals can make a difference so size is not the issue, but if an organization has varied interests, you may find that they are restricted from campaigning or arguing a particular point. This is often true of the captured agencies mentioned above.
Consider an example of a newspaper. If they were to publish stories that were to be damaging to say the travel industry, they would surely risk losing a significant amount of advertising revenue from travel industry advertising.
  • Some Key Points about The NHF
The NHF was established over half a century ago and has stood the test of time, so you can be confident that its people and motives are genuine. Its effectiveness has been proven time and time again, winning countless victories for health freedom spanning 7 decades.
Most importantly, The NHF are the only health freedom organization able to interact at Codex meetings. This means they can raise issues and interact in real-time. Many other health freedom organizations would like (love) to do this but all others have so far been declined so it seems likely that The NHF will remain the sole independent voice of health freedom at the meetings for the foreseeable future.
Time and time again, The NHF are the ones to raise issues and concerns in the interest of health freedom and choices in Codex meetings. Rarely do the INGOs or the country representatives raise issues other than in commercial interests and very few have extensive knowledge or passion for health freedom.
  • More about health freedom
Although The NHF is very much in favour of natural methods of cancer treatment, we would never oppose the right for individuals to choose chemotherapy for themselves if they wish to do so. Health Freedom is all about informing the individual of all the options available and the risks and potential side effects of all available options.
Too often is the one-size-fits-all mindset imposed upon the public from behind bureaucratic curtain. One size rarely fits all!
By spreading into several countries with localized NHF branches, we hope to build the bridge between the distant and bureaucratic world of the global health freedom control architecture and the individuals whose basic rights this hierarchy aims to control.
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