Review of Ty Bollinger’s “Cancer: Step Outside the Box.”
by Liam Scheff

It’s strange that a book on cancer should be a pleasure to read – but that’s precisely what Ty Bollinger has managed with “Cancer: Step Outside the Box.” He’s done it by being himself on every page – honest, straightforward, easy-to-understand, down-to-Earth, curious, no-nonsense, witty and humane – all in service of an abiding intelligence that keeps the process sufficiently detailed and organized so that it is profoundly easy – and fun – to use.

What I love about Ty’s approach is that it allows us to explore the wide variety of cancer therapies – from Vitamin C to sodium bicarbonate to fasting and juicing therapies, to every orthomolecular model in-between, and get a good taste of what each one offers. After an introduction to the topic, the book is laid out like a guidebook or mini-encyclopedia, with brief but detailed descriptions and easy-to-follow headers for every new therapy. It serves as a practical and absolutely necessary introduction to a world – and here’s the hook – of real possibility for all of us living in today’s toxic chemical and psychological medical-petrol environment.

The book also briefly details the great personal losses Ty’s family has suffered from cancer and the mainstream’s deeply toxic treatments. It was this long exposure to cut-poison-burn cancer therapy that prompted him to do this major work. Unlike the dark brigade of mainstream oncology, Ty welcomes new information and approaches that prove successful – which he shares in his lectures, articles and radio appearances.

The bottom line is: these remedies have and continue to work for many, many people – but the major medical establishment refuses to make room for healing, real hope, and success. Ty deftly and in good humor grabs the ‘talking stick’ from the gnarled hands of the academic priesthood – and returns it to all of us. The book reminds us: “Thinking and exploring for ourselves” is our right and responsibility. This heart-felt, ground-breaking book puts that power back in your heart and hands.

– Liam Scheff August 2013

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