By Scott C. Tips

Mandatory vaccines in Italy are just the Beginning

You’ve never been to a rally until you’ve gone to an Italian rally. Noise, exuberance, anger, more noise, brotherhood, sisterhood, togetherness, even more noise, and vintage-Italian hand-waving exhibitionism all rolled into one moving, seething mass of humanity that demands to be heard – now!  That was Trieste, Italy on Saturday, July 29th – one of numerous demonstrations throughout all of Italy protesting against the immoral, unconstitutional, and scientifically ignorant Italian law that was just passed by the Italian Senate and Parliament at the end of July, and signed into law by the Italian president in August, mandating an avalanche of vaccinations for infants and young, school-age children.

The Trieste Protest

I was one of the speakers at the Trieste event, which was attended by no fewer than 2000 intelligent and well-informed parents and activists. My talk, even though very poorly translated into Italian by my interpreter at the time, was well received by the enthusiastic and vocal crowd. (See; (long link listed first; short second)

In that speech (, I attacked the mandatory vaccine law for children, which requires that all schoolchildren receive at least 12 vaccines by the age of six or else they cannot attend government-indoctrination schools (euphemistically called “public” schools). A last-minute amendment to the law had reduced the number of mandated vaccines to 10 and the onerous penalty from €7,500 to €500, but it still remains a blatant assault upon health freedom.

I was there in Trieste thanks to the foresight of our own NHF-Sweden Executive Director Sara Boo, who was the first to our knowledge to blow the international whistle on this insane law. (See Sara herself had already represented NHF against mandatory vaccination at a huge rally in Rome earlier that month. Her words of support and research empowered many. I was also there because of the foresight of another formidable health-freedom activist, Lara Guglielmi, our NHF-Italy Director, who specifically invited me to go to Trieste and speak at the protest. But for Lara’s efforts, I would not have been in Trieste and then later in other Italian cities to speak out at each event against mandatory vaccines.

The law that we all oppose is Law No. 73/2017, also called the Lorenzin law after Italian Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin, who pushed its passage in order to solve a “crisis” that she claimed has arisen because more and more informed families are opting not to vaccinate their children. (See

This fake crisis, like virtually all “crises” that governments push on their citizenry whenever the government wants to increase its power and control over the people, has no basis in science or fact.  It is a complete and utter lie. Even the Italian equivalent of the U.S. CDC (the Istituto Superiore Di Sanità) has declared that contrary to what is stated in the decree there is no emergency. In fact, the number of cases of measles this year has been much lower than in the preceding year. There is no “epidemic.”

At the Trieste rally I said, “This law is a solution in search of a problem.  We must ask, ‘Why are they doing this now?’ If vaccines truly work, then the vaccinated are protected against the unvaccinated. They know that these vaccines, given so early and so many, cause injuries to our children. They know this. But why the silence? Because they get money from the drug companies.  They work for the drug companies and not for us!

I was also interviewed twice before the rally; and speaking into the Sun and above the noise to defend the children of Italy, I added that, “The Lorenzin law violates at least 7-8 international laws as well as four articles in the Italian Constitution, and the basic right to Informed Consent! It is illegal, unconstitutional, and immoral. It must and will be challenged in international court, and even perhaps through individual legal proceedings against those government officials who enforce this law. They have individual liability, each and every one of them.” (See

Sara Boo has been equally firm, stating that if this law continues, then we will see that Italy will be prosecuted for violating the laws of the European Union because it is “massively violating the laws within the European Union.” NHF’s Swedish branch has launched a legal-action petition for Italians only. (See Additionally, she and Michael Zazzio have together compiled a formidable White Paper that not only lists all of the laws violated by the Lorenzin law but also 108 scientific references to support our position that vaccines have not been tested for safety and are inherently unsafe for children (or even adults).  The White Paper can be found on the NHF-Sweden website (

The Treviso, Rome, and Venetian Rallies

More rallies and protests took place in quick succession across Italy. Of these, I spoke before a large crowd in Treviso, Italy (just 30 minutes north of Venice), then eight days later in Rome at an outdoor event with Andrew Wakefield, and then in Venice proper before a massive crowd of 8,000 angry Italians at the Piazza Santa Lucia, atop of a boat no less docked at the Piazza, where Sara and I – along with other speakers such as France’s Mary Pasteur – spoke out on the medical dangers of vaccinations, gross human-rights violations, and loss of liberty.

At the Treviso event, which was very professionally hosted by Luca Marton (the head of Sante Plus) on September 3rd, and excellently translated by the effervescent and gifted Ambra Fedrigo, I spoke about how in a free country, no one should be compelled to submit to dangerous health practices against their will and that every free individual is entitled to Informed Consent.  Where any medical procedure is mandatory, there can be no informed consent; and the medical doctors, vaccine makers, and politicians who push such dangerous drugs on any children are immoral, tyrannical, and acting either out of scientific ignorance and/or greed, making not only a guinea pig but a market out of innocent children. They are dangerous and, as such, they are nothing more than chimpanzees with machine guns.

I also mentioned Italian scientists Dr. Antoinetta Gatti and Dr. Stefano Montanari’s research and their discovery of dangerous nanoparticles that contaminate virtually all vaccines (except one hog vaccine, according to Dr. Gatti with whom I recently spoke on the telephone).  These nanoparticles – such as lead, stainless steel, and tungsten carbide – once injected into the body then combine with proteins to make “biocomposites” that are extremely difficult to remove from the body. Biocomposites are very inflammatory and seem to trigger autoimmune diseases. Interestingly enough, the nanoparticles are not always found in the vaccines themselves but can come from hypodermic needles that have not been properly subjected to an ultrasonic bath prior to use.

As the speeches progressed across Italy so did the angry crowds. The Venice event was the most massive, with at least 8,000 people present. Some counted 10,000.  Regardless, there were so many, in fact, that several hundred people attended the event on the opposite side of the canal! The Italian speakers were all full of passionate energy and clearly swayed the attentive crowd. Sara and I were the only two English speakers, but the translation by Ambra Fedrigo was excellent and the audience very receptive. (To view the speeches, go to; especially at the 1:19 time mark.)

Among other things, I quoted Albert Speer, who had once remarked about Adolf Hitler, that “One seldom recognizes the devil when he is putting his hand on your shoulder.” I said to make the point that all of us have friends, family members, and others who place their trust in the government to tell them what to do – that is, they place their faith in someone or something that appears to have their interests at heart but actually doesn’t. They are, indeed, the Devil in disguise. And it is all of our duty to wake up these all-too-trusting individuals before they harm their own children beyond repair with misplaced, immoral medical advice on vaccines.

In a marriage made in health-freedom hell, Italian Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin’s husband is Director General of Health Prevention Dr. Guerra, who once gave an interview last year for Politico. In both my Treviso and Venetian speeches, I quoted from that interview, where Dr. Guerra ominously said:

“We have a strong alliance with the industry and we also have a pact with schools who will have to verify if their students are vaccinated. We also reached an agreement with the order of physicians, who will be paying close attention to those doctors who discourage parents from vaccinating their kids. It is necessary to rebalance the responsibility from parents to state authorities.” (emphasis added)

This, I told the audience, was the real danger that lay ahead.  The Lorenzin law of mandatory vaccinations is just the first step in an evil plan to eventually wrest control of children away from their parents and place that control in the hands of unelected bureaucrats.

Dr. Guerra gave the game away in his Politico interview. But it is plainly stated there for all to read and heed.  And remember, Dr. Guerra himself has been on the SmithKline Foundation, which receives money from GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturer of vaccines in Italy, especially after having acquired vaccine-maker Novartis in 2014, with its many Italian production facilities! Dr. Guerra has a clear conflict of interest, as does the Italian Health Minister herself!

After the speeches in Venice had come to an end and the 8,000-strong crowd began its march along the age-old canals with many shouts of “Liberta!,” I was approached by many people who expressed their gratitude for NHF’s support, saying how heartening it was to know that they, the Italian people, were not alone. One man came up and thanked me, saying, “Your words today changed my life!”  That comment alone made the fourth straight week of grueling travel demands speaking across Italy worth every sacrifice it took to represent the NHF at the Venice event. Speaking of which, through the graciousness of our host organizations (CORVELVA in Venice and Luca Marton’s Sante Plus in Treviso) as well as Lara Guglielmi’s resourcefulness in Trieste, and through our usual frugality, the costs to NHF were minimized greatly. However, those faithful NHF members who donated to us are equally esteemed as we continue to fight for children around the World. Please continue to donate here

The European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance

Held in Hainburg, Austria (across the river from Bratislava, Slovakia), the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance (EFVV) meeting took place the weekend of September 22-24, 2017, and hosted a number of great vaccine-aware leaders from across Europe. NHF was specially sought out by EFVV to attend and I did on behalf of NHF. Both EFVV and Arnica kindly offset some of NHF’s expenses for attending.

Almost immediately, I was very impressed with all of the attendees, who were sharp, well-informed, and eager to learn and share more about what could be done together to stop and reverse the growing Globalist effort to spread mandatory vaccinations throughout all of Europe. The group’s tactics and strategies for stopping such Globalist mandates were discussed, and all of us will see these coalesce and emerge in the not-too-distant future. You can be comforted to know that active steps are being taken by many across the World to resist and even roll-back the horrific encroachments on our personal medical freedoms.

Taking Down the Lorenzin Law

The Italian Constitutional Court still must decide the constitutionality of the Lorenzin law.  The hearing on the case will take place on November 21, 2017.  The Court’s decision could render all other planned actions to take down the Lorenzin law moot.  We shall see. In the meantime, we continue to act.

If the constitutional challenge fails, then international legal action will be necessary to obtain a judgment against Italy for its multiple violations of international law. It is an answer against a rogue governmental action that, in a power-grab against the Italian people it presumes to protect, proposes a fake solution to a problem that does not exist! That the new mandatory vaccine law will benefit the vaccine-maker GlaxoSmithKline, which not long ago bought up the Italian vaccine-maker Novartis, may have something to do with it. Sometimes one must go outside the system in order to restrain it and that is exactly what NHF will do.

NHF thinks that the ultimate solution is a two-pronged approach with an international lawsuit against the Italian government as well as domestic legal and equitable actions to crush this immoral law. Remember, this law will not increase the health of Italians even one iota but will instead result in many more vaccine-injured children while costing the Italian taxpayers many millions of euros more now and in care for vaccine-injured children. The only winners in this war against your children will be the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture these toxic vaccines, as they will rake in many millions if not billions of euros and politicians turned Big-Pharma employees, cashing in at your family’s expense financially, physically, and emotionally.

This must and will be stopped.  The Italian president may have signed the Lorenzin bill into law, but this is by no means the final word. The NHF protects and defends the sovereignty of the human being, protecting human rights against these gross violations, to ensure health and health freedom for the people.

For those sick and tired of seeing increasing numbers of vaccine-injured children each and every year as the number of vaccines forced on helpless children and their immature immune systems has grown from 16 to an incredible 70, SIGN UP HERE ( on our NHF e-mail list and specify “Italian Vaccine Safety Campaign” so that we may connect with you again on this specific matter as we proceed with international action against the Italian government.

And for those of you who are concerned about vaccine mandates within the United States, take heart, the NHF is also currently involved in efforts to repeal the evil vaccine law that sprang from Senator Pan’s SB277 bill as well as opposing vaccine mandates in other States. After all, NHF was one of the original opponents of mandatory vaccinations back in the 1950s.  And that opposition has not diminished over time.


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